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Timbuk2 Messenger with Beverage Insert

by Nannette Eaton on August 29, 2013

sugar the wine harlots custom timbuk2 messenger bag gifted by liza of the brix chicks on the way to spain and france

Can I even begin to tell you how much I love my custom Timbuk2 messenger bag? I’ll begin to try, but it’s a lot of love. My friend and colleague Liza Swift of the Brix Chicks was heading off to Croatia to speak at the International Wine Tourism Conference, where there was a contest between the attendees to see who had the most social media acumen. Swift, being the canny marketer that she is, enlisted the support of the Wine Harlots in her mission. Suffice to say, the Brix Chicks/Wine Harlots juggernaut crushed the competition and Swift walked off with the bragging rights. As a thank you, Swift sent a custom Timbuk2 messenger bag in the Brix Chicks colors. The bag arrived at Wine Harlots World Headquarters the night before the Wine Harlots month in Europe this spring, and Swift thoughtfully enclosed a five Euro note because she wanted to buy my first drink in Spain. (Swift is just that awesome.) 

And the Timbuk2 messenger? Also just that awesome. Timbuk2 was created in 1989 by bike messenger Rob Honeycutt to fill a need for quality messenger bags. The bags are manufactured in San Francisco, and although there is a full line of products on offer, Wine Harlots suggest your first foray should be the piece that started it all, the Timbuk2 Custom Classic Messenger Bag. The bag is ginormous, a little too big to be a regular day bag, but perfect for travel. And the design is brilliant There are cubby pockets galore, inside, outside, on the side, I’m still discovering them. I’m terribly fond of the key lanyard on a red ribbon, you’ll never lose your keys again, and the crimson makes it easy to see. 

After a rough and tumble month in Spain and France, the bag was muddy from slogging through vineyards, but after a quick spin in the washer, the bag looks brand new. Word on the street is the messengers are so durable they outlast careers and relationships – Wine Harlots have sketchy tenures with both of those, so that’s not really a great gauge, but we’ll let you know how long the Timbuk2 stays with us! 

And with all things that are going to stick around, you have to name them. I christened my bag, “Sugar” because as soon as I opened the box I exclaimed “sweet.” Swift named her messenger, “The Smuggler” because it’s so large you can smuggle a lot of contraband in it (or a small child). Swift and I are a little obsessed with our messengers and their adventures, to the point where we created a Pinterest board From Here to Timbuk2, kind of like Where’s Waldo or Dora the Explorer, but with better merchandise and a whole hell of a lot more alcohol. 

brix chick custom timbuk2 messenger bag with wine chiller insert with kramer vineyards wine on iceWhen I learned that Timbuk2 had created (just for the Wine Harlots and the Brix Chicks, I’m sure) the padded, insulated, waterproof Dolores Chiller Insert for cold beverages, I clamored to procure one. I can’t even pretend to be objective. I love this product. Dolores rocks! I urge you to invite her to your next beach party. The only caveat the Wine Harlots have for the ladies is you’ll need need to step up your weight training or beg a boy to carry your purse, because with five bottles of wine and 15 pounds of ice, you’ll be getting a serious workout. The wine bottles will need to placed horizontally for transport, as they are too tall to be zipped in when they are vertical.

Wine Harlots and Timbuk2 would like to urge you drunks to imbibe responsibly and that technology and ice don’t mix – keep the laptops, tablets and mobile phones clear of the messenger bag when it’s being used as an ice bucket.

The details: Timbuk2 Custom Classic Messenger Bag (Medium) prices start at $129 USD. The Timbuk2 Dolores Chiller insert is $50 USD. Timbuk2 is having a Back to School sale today with most of the stock products (not custom) are discounted 25% so the Dolores Chiller Insert is $37 USD.

just a day at the beach custom timbuk2 messenger bag with dolores beer chiller insert with ice and 5 bottles of wine with a surfboard mexican blanket

Full disclosure per FTC Act 16, CFR 255 :: The messenger bag was provided by the publisher Brix Chicks as a gift or as compensation for services rendered; the beverage chiller insert was provided by Timbuk2 as a media sample for editorial consideration, the pictured wines were also provided as editorial samples.  

Photo credits: EatonAlive ©2013