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I Love Champagne

by Nannette Eaton on October 27, 2013

After the sparkle of the Champagne Day festivities, the Wine Harlot was deluged with requests on how to procure the cheeky t-shirt featured in the Wine Harlots #ChampagneDay photo montage. First trend-spotted on the cool wine kids in France this Spring, I’ve been coveting this post-modern Champagne slogan.

The “Fuck No 5 I Love Champagne” t-shirt was created by Italian illustrator and artist Boz Chiara for RevePlus clothing. Sold through the Blomming website the cost of the t-shirt is 25€ and ships worldwide. With shipping it works out to be about $42 USD for the orders to the United States. Throw down the fashion gauntlet and declare your allegiance to Champagne.

Profane? Or profound? I love credit: I Love Champagne by Champagne Tarlant ©2013