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Champagne Twitter Chat with Evite and BevMo!

by Nannette Eaton on December 17, 2013

Bourbon Sparkling Wine Champagne Cocktail from Evite and BevMo!

Nothing says “holidays” to the Wine Harlots like sparkling wine. Opening a bottle of bubbles is an instant party, whether it’s a fancy soiree with caviar and foie gras, or a casual gathering with pizza, sparkling wine sets the right festive tone.

Evite and BevMo! are hosting a Twitter Chat this Thursday, December 19th at 9pm EST/6pm PST to discuss holiday parties, sparkling wine and how BevMo! can assist with taking the stress out of holiday entertaining. Evite recruited Wine Harlots to provide our irreverent wit and charm to the Twitter proceedings. Join in or follow along using the hashtag #BevMoBubbly. And if hanging out with The Harlots on a Thursday night isn’t special enough, there will be a few American Express gift card prizes raffled off to the participants. (Frankly, who can’t use a little extra spending money during the holidays? Mo money, mo bubbly!)

Evite has created a party resource, Evite’s New Year’s Eve Champagne Guide to provide entertaining ideas to make your next party a sparkling success. Wine Harlots are especially charmed by the craft project Marble Dipped Stemware, the perfect wine glasses to toast the New Year. There are New Year’s Eve Printables and instructions on how to make your sparkling wine bottles glitter, as well as sophisticated Champagne cocktails to make your New Year Eve fête fabulous.

Join Evite and BevMo! this Thursday for the #BevMoBubbly bash, and make your holidays sparkling.

Full disclosure per FTC Act 16, CFR 255 :: Nannette Eaton for Wine Harlots will be compensated financially (that means paid!) for participating in the Twitter chat and getting the word out about event. 

Photo credit: Evite ©2013