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Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s Clyde Common Egg Nog

by Nannette Eaton on December 8, 2013

jeffery morgenthaler clyde common egg nog

Egg nog is the liquid version of fruitcake. You either love it or loathe it. Wine Harlots fall into the latter category, and just contemplating a glass of egg nog makes us queasy. But if we are going to fall into the dairy dark-side of the holiday punch bowl, the nog Jeffrey Morganthaler created for Portland’s Clyde Common is a compelling proposition.

Small Screen Network partnered with uber-bartender Jeffrey Morganthaler to produce a beautiful series of cocktail videos and the Clyde Common Egg Nog is a favorite. Morganthaler clearly and concisely explains his case for why egg nog is awesome, and expertly advises how you can craft your own nog in the privacy of your own abode. The egg nog has a modern twist with the addition of  tequila and sherry, instead of the traditional brandy and sherry, to which Morganthaler explains that tequila is really just “agave brandy.” The best part of the video is when Morganthaler whips out a Microplane zester and advises how to properly grate nutmeg on the egg nog, and earnestly suggests that this is the time to put a little extra effort into to the execution and avoid a sloppy dusting of nutmeg all over the glass. Then he sniffs imperceptibly and says, “but whatever you like.” Oh snap. Presentation is everything people, and Morganthaler has standards. The Wine Harlots standard is to avoid egg nog, but if need to nog this season, this is the nog to make.

Photo credit: Small Screen Network ©2012