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GOVERRE Travel Wine Glasses

by Nannette Eaton on January 20, 2014

UPDATE: 04/05/2015
The GOVERRE glasses are available for sale now. Click here to purchase from the GOVERRE website.

UPDATE: The initial Kickstarter campaign was not funded. On 03/31/14, GOVERRE revamped their budget and relaunched a brand-new Kickstarter funding initiative. Pre-order your own GOVERRE glasses now.

GOVERRE Travel Wine Glasses“Any wine. Any time.” It’s the motto of GOVERRE, a new portable wine glass launched last week for funding on Kickstarter. Any wine. Any time. That’s an apt motto for the Wine Harlots. So when the GOVERRE Girls reached out to enlist my support to get the word out, I was enthusiastic. Well… not a first. When I saw a small mobile phone photo of the glass I exclaimed, “I hate it.” So it wasn’t love-at-first-sight. But in my defense, it wasn’t a good photo. (It’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Clearly diplomacy is not my strong suit.) But when I road-tested GOVERRE, I discovered there was a basis for a lasting relationship. Sure, these are “just wine glasses” but they are smart, well-designed and stylish. They remind me a little of the wine glasses from companies similar to Cornet Barcelona when it comes to their stylish presentation.

Nascent entrepreneurs Shannon Zappala and Regan Kelaher are long-time friends who enjoy wine. Or as they like to tell it, they really like their wine. They like to quaff wine in their cul-de-sac while watching their kids play, or at the park or at concerts. In the past they used red cups, aluminum water bottles and (they sheepishly admit) in dire cases their children’s sippy cups. And all were found wanting. There was nothing in the marketplace that met their needs. After a year of rigorous R&D, the GOVERRE is ready for prime-time. GOVERRE is a white glass stemless tumbler encased in a stylish silicone wrap with a spill-proof travel lid. This lid allows you to take your wine to some of the most remote places on earth. Whether you’re hiring a 4WD in Perth or cycling down the Gold Coast, you can be sure your wine will get to your destination in one piece. The glass adds a little class, and is tactilely superior to plastic containers, the fashion-forward silicone wrap provides a no-slip grip, and the lid allows for tossing the GOVERRE in your purse without worry of spills. The size is a generous 17 ounces, but glass doesn’t feel oversized and fits comfortably in your hand.

yellow goverre

Wine Harlots love smuggling wine into movies, and in the past have recommended a couple of Tetra-pak wines. But currently there are limited selections of delicious wine in travel-friendly packaging that pass muster. That’s the beauty of GOVERRE. Any wine. Any time. You have the ability to have your favorite wine at your fingertips. Does this sound appealing to you? You may need to have enough cash behind you before you go ahead and live the life of royalty. For information about credit cards and instant cash, you may wan to read this guide.

Where you come in? Money, baby, money. To get GOVERRE in the marketplace there is a significant amount of capital that is needed. When you pre-order a set of GOVERRE, not only will you be getting a cool travel wine tumbler, but you be supporting a female start-up business. You can order basic black, but for summer fun, Wine Harlots are ordering a 4-pack in the We Can Do It! yellow. The suggested retail for GOVERRE is $20 USD per glass. During the Kickstarter campaign you get a set of four for $75 USD with shipping included within the United States (add $20 USD for international orders.) You can also buy a set of two, but for summer fun, you really need four. Trust me. Excess is best. To order your GOVERRE through the Kickstarter click here to purchase.

Photo credit: feeney+bryant for GOVERRE ©2014

Full disclosure per FTC Act 16, CFR 255 – Wine Harlots were compensated (that means paid) by GOVERRE to attend the launch party and provide social media support and consultation. Nannette Eaton’s backing of the GOVERRE Kickstarter campaign is solely based on the quality of the product and wanting to support the awesomeness that is Regan & Shannon.