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The Exes in My iPod :: Lisa Mattson

by Nannette Eaton on January 19, 2014


The Exes in My iPod, the debut novel by Lisa Mattson started started as an autobiography, but was turned into fiction due to the threats of litigation by one of the exes. And you thought you were the only one that picked winners. The book is classic chick lit, and not recommended for those with testosterone raging through their veins, boys, you’ve been warned. Exes in My iPod is not Cowboys are My Weakness or The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing, but lighter fare more in the vein of the Devil Wears Prada or The Nanny Diaries, with plenty of namechecking and brand mentions liberally scattered throughout the book.

Join the protagonist, Harley Aberle, as she journeys from her economically challenged upbringing in the Midwest to Miami in the sultry 1990’s, to wending her way to wine country. She tackles boyfriends, (many, many, many bad boyfriends) self-esteem issues, poor body image and weight issues, workplace romances, confronting the issue of being the child of an alcoholic while working the wine industry, and other dilemmas. But mostly, it’s about boys. And the happily ever after promised in the fairy tales. Harley (and Lisa) did get the magical ending, but not without hard work and heartbreak. Lots of hard work and soul-searching, and music. Music is the backbone of the book, with each ex getting his own special tune. The paperback edition is $16 USD, but Wine Harlots suggest you purchase the Kindle or iTunes editions of the book. The cost is $5 USD and is enhanced with interactive hyperlinks to the music. Wine Harlots say craft your own playlist, curl up on the couch with The Exes in My iPod and a glass of rosé.