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Acquiesce Belle Blanc 2012

by Nannette Eaton on April 15, 2014

“There came a time when these two incompatible notions of who I was, well, something had to give. Either that ‘something’ is where you acquiesce to the world around you and you conform, or you sort of defiantly break whatever remaining bonds connect you to that world and create for yourself a different set of values.” — Sean Parker

acquiesce belle blanc lodi wines

Go along to get along really isn’t the Wine Harlots ethos. We are more stand and fight kind of people. But the team at Acquiesce are making us reconsider our position. Acquiesce’s philosophy is to bend to the will of the grapes, and to nature. By acquiescing, they create a dreamy, ethereal wine in the Acquiesce Belle Blanc. The nose on the wine is so lovely, you are not sure if you should wear it or drink it. The flavors are green apple and peaches with honey and a cleaning kiss of citrus on the finish.

The perfect pairing? Try a Grilled Peach, Goat Cheese & Arugula Salad. The music match is “Surrender” from Fisher’s the Lovely Years.

The details: Alcohol 13.5%. Cork closure. Appellation: Mokelumne River, Lodi. Grapes: grenache blanc 60%, roussane 30%, viognier 10%. Retail: $24 USD available directly from the winery. The 2012 has sold out, the 2013 is soon to be released. The wine was provided by the winery as a media sample for editorial consideration.

Photo credit: EatonAlive ©2014