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GOVERRE Travel Wine Glasses: Redux

by Nannette Eaton on April 2, 2014

UPDATE: 04/05/2015. The GOVERRE glasses are available for sale now. Click here to purchase from the GOVERRE website.

GOVERRE black yellow picnic glass travel tumblersIn January, we brought you news of stylish glass spill-proof “to-go” wine tumblers created by my friends at GOVERRE, to be funded with a Kickstarter initiative. Unfortunately, the product didn’t meet it’s financing goal, and on Kickstarter, it’s an all-or-nothing proposition. After the setback, the GOVERRE girls dusted themselves off and nursed their bruised egos with copious amounts of wine (in the GOVERRE glasses, of course) and strategized their next plan of attack.

GOVERRE blue boating wine glass non-spill travel tumbler wine glass

The GOVERRE girls are back (but not “with a vengeance” unless, of course, Vengeance is a brand of wine) with a revamped Kickstarter campaign. The new launch began on Monday and it’s going gangbusters. How can you help? Go to the GOVERRE Kickstarter page and pre-order GOVERRE. You’ll save a bundle on the retail price, and you’ll be assisting to launch a new business. Win. win. win. (Or wine. wine. wine.) The pre-production price is $32 USD for a pair of GOVERRE, $60 for a 4-pack, and the rewards for additional funding includes hanging-out on the beach or hot-air balloon with the GOVERRE girls, or (the Wine Harlots fantasy) for $10,000 you can join the GOVERRE girls in designing a Limited Edition GOVERRE glass, perfect for your next corporate event.

Photo credit: feeney+bryant for GOVERRE ©2014