Mint Julep

by Nannette Eaton on May 1, 2014


No matter how the ponies do this weekend at the Kentucky Derby, you’ll be a winner if you make these Mint Juleps created by Mason Shaker.

Mason Shaker Cocktails The Mint JulipMason Shaker Cocktails The Mint Julip Ingrediants
Photo credit: Joshua Williams ©2013

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Dblaso02 May 1, 2014 at 2:55 am


Juleps do NOT contain lemon juice or club soda.

As a native Kentuckian and someone who will be singing “My Old Ky Home” from the Churchill Downs clubhouse on this fine first Saturday in May as the 3yr olds are on their way to the post, I call this recipe “non-traditional.”

The only thing one would win making this version of a “julep” is the scorn of most Julep Enthusiasts.

Juleps are meant to allow one to sip bourbon slowly, that is why sugar, water, and plenty of ice were added. The mint was an added spring bonus. This is not a cocktail meant to appeal to the masses; if you don’t enjoy Bourbon, you won’t like juleps.

I do approve of the use of Bulleit bourbon though.

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