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Best Champagne Bottle Stopper

by Nannette Eaton on November 27, 2014

“I’ll drink your champagne. I’ll drink every drop of it, I don’t care if it kills me.” ? F. Scott Fitzgerald

champagne sparkling wine closures bottle stoppers on Wine Harlots copyright Eaton Alive 2014Even though the Wines Harlots motto is excess is best, even for us, sometimes we have have leftover Champagne at the end of the evening. Wasting wine is a sin in our book, but it’s a challenge to keep the bubbles fresh in a bottle of sparkling wine overnight. Saying this though, once you own wine stoppers, this should no longer be an issue. The less wine we waste, the better! It just means more for us later on.

We swear by these bottle stoppers, and they are only $2 USD apiece, we found ours at Crate & Barrel. Our record for keeping the bubbles alive is nine days, and if your result is only half as good, it will pay for itself on it’s first use. Wine Harlots are pretty rough on ours, so they only last a year or so, but at this price, it’s just the cost of doing business. Stock up, these are awesome stocking stuffers for your favorite wine lover, and when we bring a bottle of bubbly as a hostess gift, we always include a couple of these genius wine stoppers. Be sparkling genius at your next event.

champagne sparkling wine closures bottle stoppers on Wine Harlots copyright Eaton Alive 2014 1
A friend of the Wine Harlots, a lawyer naturally, pointed out that in the product description of this item, it states, “Not for use with Champagne.” You’ve been warned. Wine Harlots have been using this product “off-label” for over a decade as a closure for leftover sparkling wine without any adverse result. Any product under pressure carries a risk for spontaneous explosion, use caution when initially opening a sparkling wine bottle, and when re-opening the bottle after resealing. (Of course, now the edgy Fitzgerald quote takes on new meaning.)

Photo credit: EatonAlive ©2014