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#DrunkMartha Crafts:
Santa and Reindeer Wine Bottles

by Nannette Eaton on November 28, 2014

Clearly, I need a paying job. Because with lots and lots of idle time, an ocean of wine samples and a glue gun does not bode well for humanity. (Oh, the humanity!) It’s widely known that I’m very crafty — just not very arts and crafty. Power tools, sharp objects and hot-glue paired with The Harlot result in carnage. (It will leave a permanent mark and will occasionally require medical attention.) Add alcohol to the mix, and well… out comes #DrunkMartha. #DrunkMartha is all of Martha Stewart’s imperiousness, with little or none of Martha’s do-it-yourself skill or savvy. Here is a seasonal cautionary tale of what happens when you craft under the influence.

Wine Harlots DrunkMartha Crafts Santa and Reindeer Wine bottle minis copyright EatonAlive 2014

For years, the image of beer bottle reindeer have been a perennial internet favorite from Life of a Modern Mom who got the inspiration for the project from Fingerprints on the Fridge. While root beer and Guinness certainly have their charms, Wine Harlots got all sparkly and went with mini bottles of cava.

This is a super-simple project, and you can knock-out Santa and his reindeer in about half an hour or so.

You’ll need a hot glue gun with glue sticks, Santa hats, brown pipe cleaner, googly eyes, red pompoms and mini bottles of cava (or beverage of your choice.)

If you want to remove the brand labels from the bottles, use a dish or pan and fill with cool water to cover the labels. Let them soak for an hour, or so, then gently peel the labels off. If they don’t come off easily, peel as much as you can, and let them soak for another half hour or so. DO NOT — USE HOT WATER TO REMOVE THE LABELS, AS THE HEAT WILL COOK THE WINE. There will be no crimes against wine on our watch, we may be #DrunkMartha, but we aren’t #DumbMartha.

PRO TIP: When using a hot glue gun, make sure you have a bowl of ice water close to the action. You will invariably get hot glue on yourself, the ice bath mitigates the ensuing burn.

Use a small drop of hot glue to affix the eyes and pompoms in the shape of a face on the bottle. Use a whole pipe cleaner to wrap around the top neck of the bottle, twist to secure in the back and make the antler beams. Cut a second pipe cleaner into 4 pieces, use one on each beam to make a tine. Voilà! #DrunkMartha lives to craft another day.

The Santa hats were picked up for $1 apiece from BevMo. The pipe cleaner, googly eyes and red pompoms were $1 a pack at the Dollar Store and Michael’s. The wine is the Freixenet mini’s (187ml) which vary wildly in price from $3 at Binny’s to $10 for a 3-pack at Total Wine, $4.30 at up to $7 at BevMo, so shop around to get the best price.

The mini-bottles of Freixenet cava were provided as editorial craft samples by Freixenet. All other items were purchased by the author.

Photo credit: EatonAlive ©2014