Help Fund Terroir Champagne: The Book

by Nannette Eaton on November 24, 2014


“There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of  Champagne.” ― Bette Davis

Help fund Terroir Champagne: The Book.   Make it happen.

My friend, Caroline Henry, has given her heart to France and her soul to Champagne. After living in Dom Pérignon’s village the past three years, Caroline has immersed herself in the terroir of Champagne and is writing a book about grower Champagne, and needs your assistance to crowdfund the book. Why support the project? Click on the video to hear Caroline tell you about her passion for terroir Champagne:

Caroline Henry is a dear friend, and I had the pleasure of spending a few days last spring traipsing along on Caro’s vineyard and cellar visits and quaffing a good deal of Champagne, so it’s a no-brainer that I’m wholeheartedly supporting this initiative. Why should you support this? For anyone who loves sparkling wine it’s going to be a good read, bubbling over with content — part education, part travelogue and with buyer’s guide to the niche Champagne’s that Caroline covets. But more importantly, investing in this project, you’ll be supporting independent, unbiased wine writing.

The signed book will run about $32 USD (25€) and a book and a t-shirt is about $50 USD (40€). With just a week to go before the IndieGogo campaign ends, Caroline is just $1,500 shy of the crowdfunding threshold. Help fund Terroir Champagne: The Book. Make it happen.

Terroir Champagne 300x256
TERROIR CHAMPAGNE - THE BOOK Caroline Henry with Bette

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