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Wine Harlots Holiday Wine Gift Guide 2014

by Nannette Eaton on November 30, 2014

Wine Harlots Holiday Wine Gift GuideWhat to Give a Wine Drinker for Christmas

Normally, the Wine Harlots Holiday Gift list has selections of things not related to wine, because after a year immersed in vino, we think wine related gifts are lame. But this year we are bowing to the conventional wine writer trope.

First off, if you are a “normal” wine drinker, don’t even think of buying wine for a wine enthusiast. No matter what wine you buy, chances are, you are going to miss the mark completely. Winos often know exactly which wine they want to get and go to an online liquor store to get the one they need. You won’t know what they order from the stores so don’t try unless you ask them. The same goes with stemware, winos are often stem snobs and are generally pretty particular about what they drink out of — avoid the drama of gifting the wrong glass. Presents for winos can be pretty expensive too so make sure you look for the latest online codes for discounts for the items you buy so you can save money.

So what should you give your favorite wine lover? Here’s a few ideas that are tried-and-true or products we’ve been coveting for ourselves this year.

Wine keys (or to be less fancy, corkscrews) are another item that can be tricky to give, because we all have our favorites, but here’s a few that we’re sure everyone will appreciate. On our last trip to France, we spent some time with the inventor of the Coutale corkscrew (the #1 best seller in France) and he gifted us a few models as a parting gift, we’re particularly enchanted with weight of the wood-handled Coutale Sommelier Prestige (17€). (Sold in the US and re-branded by Metrokane for $25.) New wine friend Whitney Adams sells the classic two-step with a fashionable upgrade of two-tone color ($18). And if money is no object, the Laguiole Aldo Sohm wine key ($220) is over-the-top awesome.

A decanter ($48) is a must-have for aerating young wines and separating the sediment from old ones, plus an aerator that fits on the wine bottle is great for those who don’t want to wait for decanting, we like design of the glass Soiree ($25). In the uncommon occurance of leftover wine, we recommend the deceptively simple Capabuna ($8 for a set of two) and we go “off-label” and use this $2 bottle closure for sparkling wines.

Our friends, the GOVERRE girls, created a spill-proof glass travel tumbler ($20) that we are eagerly awaiting arrival so that we can take our wine to-go while we watch the sunset on the beach on Christmas Day. The inverted wineglass Ming oil and vinegar cruets ($28) are cute without being cloying. Our new favorite thing is Mercer’s Dairy Wine Ice Cream ($8) which combines two of the Wine Harlots favorite things.

The amazing Elaine Brown of HawkWakawaka Wine Reviews has made some of her quirky drawings into wall art and wearable fashion. Wine Harlots are hoping that the Pinot Noir T-shirt ($25) will appear under the tree. (Hey, these gifts list are ideas for you — but they double as subtle hints for the friends and family of the Wine Harlots.) We also covet the necklaces of Olive and Poppy ($88) and Revino’s green glass bracelets ($9) crafted from empty Champagne bottles. As stocking-stuffers, we love the organic, unflavored Dr. Bronner’s lip balm in Naked ($3). Remy Wines make some beautiful juice, but Wine Harlots adore the label art — which they have made into posters ($35) but act fast, only a half-dozen of each print were made.

The Wine Harlots wish you and yours a peaceful, merry and happy holidays.