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Oregon Advent: Day 4
Kramer Vineyards Celebrate! Müeller-Thurgau Sparkling 2013

by Nannette Eaton on December 5, 2014

“This new resolve gave her a sort of light-headed self-confidence: when she left the dinner-table she felt so easy and careless that she was surprised to see that the glass of Champagne beside her plate was untouched. She felt as if all its sparkles were whirling through her.” ? Edith Wharton, The Mother’s Recompense

kramer vineyards oregon advent lead photo copyright eatonalive 2014Kramer Vineyards is a multi-generational boutique winery. Founded by Farmer Keith and Trudy Kramer over 30 years ago. Their first born, Kimberly, has taken over the winemaking duties. The younger sister, Becky, owns Urban Decanter in Forest Grove, a wine shop where you can eat, drink and meet as well as listen to live music on Saturdays.

Kramer typifies what Wine Harlots find so appealing about Oregon Wine. Rock-solid, authentic wines at a reasonable price-point. Serious wines created by people who don’t take themselves seriously. Soulful, but playful.

Kramer Celebrate Müller-Thurgau Sparking Wine Oregon Advent 4 copyright EatonAlive 2014Besides a generation of solid winemaking, the Kramers have embraced digital and social media, realizing that for a small business, being social can have viable returns on investment, especially while using free tools like Social follow to expand an audience base on a various social media platforms, potentially turning parts of those new audiences to paying customers. They’ve been consistent in digital wine writer outreach, hosting virtual tasting sessions to expose the writers (and the writers social media audience) to their wines, as well as having the opportunity to share the Kramer philosophy of wine. And on social media? Nailed it. The main Kramer Vineyards pages are all primly perfect-pitch shiny PR, but the individual personal pages are where the awesome resides. They employ the “ironic hashtag” like gangbusters. Favorites are #Kramerica; #BungSoHard and #BubbleSoHard are a riff on the hook of Jay-Z and Kayne West’s standout track from their album Watch the Throne; and our personal favorite, #KeepingUpWithTheKramers a tribute to the Kramer Girls and their party stamina when the wine starts flowing. (Wine Harlots are professional drinkers, and we are in awe of the Kramer Girls. We desperately want to hangout with them, but we know we certainly would be partygirl roadkill before the clock strikes twelve.) These hashtags have gotten us a instagram repost or two in the process, getting our social media pages noticed even more .. especially by all the wine lovers out there!

And the wines? As Kayne West says, ‘That shit cray’. In the center of Pinot Land, the Kramer Vineyards pinot noirs are delicious, but what we find compelling is the turn towards sparkling winemaking under the deft hand of Kimberly Kramer. The methode traditionelle brut that they produce is stunning, it’s a good price for wine of this quality at about $28-30 USD. Right now they are in between vintages, the 2010 and 2011 have sold out, and although Kim wanted to release the 2012 last spring, the bubbles weren’t ready to party. Hopefully, the 2012 will debut in 2015, fingers crossed.

Kramer Celebrate Müller-Thurgau Sparking Wine Oregon Advent 7 copyright EatonAlive 2014

In the meantime, get this party started with the Kramer Celebrate! line. Celebrate! is tank carbonated, in a similar manner of Italian prosecco, which is a quicker method to carbonation, and gives a little more control than creating bubbles methode traditionelle. Tank carbonation generally yields fresher and more vibrant sparklers, we think of them as the partygirls of the bubble world. Kimberly is a little obsessed with sparkling wine, and she’s carbonating pretty much anything she can get her hands on. Seriously, Kramer has sparked pinot gris, carmine (a little-known rarely planted American-created red grape) as well as today’s bottle, Müeller-Thurgau.

Kramer Celebrate Müller-Thurgau Sparking Wine Oregon Advent 5 copyright EatonAlive 2014

Celebrate! Müeller-Thurgau Sparkling is a party in a glass. It’s fresh and fun. It tastes like the memory of a green Granny Smith apple without the bite, a whisper of lychee, an evanesce of pear, drunk at midnight on a merry-go-round on the 4th of July.

kramer vineyards oregon advent 22 copyright eatonalive 2014

Sparkling wines pair so well with so many foods, we like to be playful with our match-ups. The perfect pairing for the Celebrate! Müeller-Thurgau Sparkling is Rosemary-brined Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Seriously. Anything that is deep fried is magic with sparkling wine. And the party tunes? The music match we are offering up is “Party Girl” a B-side 45 from U2 released in 1982. The best version is from U2 Live at the Point Depot concert in Ireland on the Lovetown Tour on New Year’s Eve in 1989, where Bono asks the crowd if they “Will you join us in a glass of wine?” Hell, yes, we’ll join you in a glass of wine. Celebrate!

The details: 11% alcohol. Cork closure. Appellation: Yamhill-Carton. Grapes: Müller-Thurgau. Retail: $22 USD, available direct from Kramer Vineyards. This was an editoral sample provided for Oregon Advent project.

kramer rose of carmine

Photo credit: EatonAlive ©2014

Styling: Sparkling wines glasses from Schott Zwiesel, Zalto and other sundry purveyors we don’t remember where we purchased them from. Sorry!

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