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Oregon Advent:
How to Create Your Own Wine Advent Calendar

by Nannette Eaton on December 1, 2014

Wine Harlots Oregon Advent Calendar 4 copyright EatonAlive 2014

For this project, we chose to focus on a wine region, Oregon, but you can do anything that suits your fancy. Countries, regions, places you’ve visited, a single producer or your favorite varietal. Or mix it up! The major cost is the wine. If you are buying $10 bottles of wine, the wine cost will be roughly $240. For $20 bottles, it will be $480; for $50 wines, $1200. For most people, spending $500 in a single shot for wine isn’t possible, so start planning now for next year — in January begin buying two bottles a month, by December you’ll have all the bottles needed for the project.

Wine Harlots Oregon Advent Calendar 1 copyright EatonAlive 2014

We used two different wine storage racks for the project. The trusty metal IKEA Omar rack ($30 USD) and a sample redwood VinGrotto wine cube ($100 USD).  For the IKEA rack, we topped it with a Sur La Table marble pasty board that was on sale ($36). We really wanted to use a butcher block cutting board to work the Pacific Northwest concept, but it just wasn’t in the budget — our advice is work with what you have and don’t sweat it, eventually it will come together.

Wine Harlots Oregon Advent Calendar 5 copyright EatonAlive 2014

For the advent number labels, you can do a lot of different ideas. If it’s going to be a gift, and you want to keep it a secret, use embroidered velvet bags, or to keep the costs down, stenciled kraft paper bags to wrap the bottles. Or use scarfs, bandanas or fabric to wrap the bottles Japanese furoshiki-style. To keep with the Oregon theme, we ordered from CutLine Crafts Oregon State shaped wooden cutouts ($30) with beaded gold 6” keychains from USA Lanyards ($20). The idea was to stencil the cutouts with Oregon green paint, but in practice, the result was less than satisfactory, so the numbers are green stickers picked up at the Dollar Store ($2).

Wine Harlots Oregon Advent Calendar 6 copyright EatonAlive 2014

Have you made your own wine advent calendar? If you have, we’d love to see photos and hear how your project turned out. For the next month, we’ll be profiling one Oregon wine per night, please join us on the journey.

Photo credit: EatonAlive ©2014

All of the wines for this editorial were provided as samples by the wineries for this seasonal editorial. Most of the wine glasses appearing were samples or on loan from the manufacturer or distributor. The VinGrotto wine storage cube was a sample. All the other items were purchased by the author.

Photo credit: EatonAlive ©2014

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