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Oregon Advent:
Thank You’s and Credits

by Nannette Eaton on December 1, 2014

Wine Harlots Oregon Advent Oregon WIne Bottle Line Up 1 copyright eatonalive 2014The Wine Advent Calendar has been germinating in my mind every since I started Wine Harlots. Profiling a bottle of wine each day in December — super-fun, right?

I want to extend gratitude to everyone in the wine world who works so tirelessly at their craft, so I may have the opportunity to taste and talk about wine. Thank you to those who tend and harvest, to the cellar workers, the winemakers, the people who pack, ship and distribute. The office workers and the tasting room staff. The marketing and PR teams. The salesmen and the retail staff that hand-sell every bottle. Thank you.

For the Oregon Advent project, I want to acknowledge everyone who took the time to consider my sample requests, answer my questions and provide support. A tremendous debt of gratitude to every winery who, on faith, sent wine.

Any errors are mine alone.

I want to apologize to anyone who is not included in the project. In my hubris, I thought 24 Oregon wineries would be a representative sample of the wines of the state. I was wrong. Although the Oregon Advent line-up of wines are amazing, for every winery that was included, there are so many stellar wineries that weren’t approached and regions that were omitted, that isn’t a reflection on the work you are doing, but a failure in vision on mine.

Thank you to writers Julia Crowley of The Real Wine Julia and Mary Cressler of Vindulge Wine Education & Consulting who gave early advice and later encouragement during the inevitable creative crisis of faith. Tremendous thanks to Amanda Halverson for all the support.

Thank you to Michelle Kaufmann and the Oregon Wine Board.

Mad props to Riedel, Gabriel Glas and Zalto for providing stemware props, VinoGrotto for the wine cube and Peltzer Pines, who when I asked for pine trimmings a decorations, sent an entire Christmas tree!

I hope you will enjoy Oregon Advent as much as I relished creating it.

Wine Harlots Oregon Advent Oregon WIne Bottle Line Up 5 copyright eatonalive 2014


Photo credit: EatonAlive ©2014

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