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6 façons de dire “je t’aime”
6 Ways to Say “I Love You”

by Nannette Eaton on February 14, 2015

Guys, you think you have romantic game? You may have to step it up several notches after viewing these series of video love-notes.

6 façons de dire “je t’aime” (6 Ways to Say “I Love You”) is a media campaign promoting the products of France’s Southwest region to their trade partners in China. The video concept was the love story between China and France. The series of six, short, three minute videos highlight the beauty and diversity the Southwest France. My favorite clip is the breakdancers on the Water Mirror at the Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux, showing modernity married with the traditional.

The gorgeous video series stands alone, but for me, it’s crazy-cool because the lead players in the videos aren’t actors, but my friends Lily and Jonathan, who are playing out their own real-life love affair. I feel like I have a tiny part in the story, as they first met two years ago at a barbecue Jonathan hosted to celebrate my arrival in Bordeaux. Wine Harlots as matchmakers? Maybe!

Jonathan Ducourt is a member of the prominent French Vignobles Ducourt winemaking family, heading up the sales and marketing for the 13 châteaux in Entre-Deux-Mers and Saint-Emilion appellations in Bordeaux that the family owns. There are 1100 acres under vine which produce approximately 2.5 million bottles per year. Li Lijuan (“Lily” to her friends) is a Chengdu, China, native, who moved to France to study wine management after becoming prominent in China with her singing career. Lily has carved out a niche as a real estate agent who acts as liaison between French wine châteaux and Chinese investors, she was recently profiled in Time magazine.

Jonathan was originally reluctant to participate, but concept grew on him, as the video was being targeted for the Chinese market, so it wasn’t like it was going to get a large audience in Europe. (To date, there are over 73 million views of the films in China, with a significant  audience and media coverage in France.) Additionally, he was intrigued at capturing the moment in time, and pragmatically, he says, “it was a free trip to Lily’s home town in China.” The video idea concept was five surprises from Jonathan to Lily in France, and then when filming in China, the plan was that Lily was to surprise Jonathan during a wine tasting, with a musical love-note serenade.  Although hesitant to join the project, Jonathan got the last word, with the unscripted off-book marriage proposal, that will melt even the most cynical heart of a jaded romantic.

Video credit and concept by Myama.