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Bargain Alert!
$7 Red from Portugal

by Nannette Eaton on August 3, 2016

“No nation is drunken where wine is cheap.” — Thomas Jefferson

Tuella Douro Trader Joes 6 copyright Nannette Eaton for WineHarlots

Run as fast as you can to your local Trader Joe’s and stock up on the Tuella Douro red. It’s juicy, unpretentious and delicious — and with the price of $7, we recommend stocking up for summer entertaining. And it’s delicious. (Did we already say that? It bears repeating.)

The Tuella came to our attention via our friend Liza of Brix Chicks. The Chick was taking a wine pairing course at Las Positas College, the final project was to create the most synergistic pairing. Liza’s team stretched their pairing experience by selecting Garlic Pannacotta with Tomato Soup, a perverse combination of flavors, textures and acids that would stump the most experienced vinophile. To find the optimal pairing, the group tasted 27 wines, at every price-point from $6 to $90, and the Tuella dominated the pairing competition.

Tuella Douro Trader Joes 3 copyright Nannette Eaton for WineHarlots

The Tuella has juicy fruit and medium tannins. As Jon Thorsen at Reverse Wine Snob notes, the wine is even better on day two (or day three, in the Wine Harlots opinion) so it makes it perfect for those who don’t finish a bottle in a sitting. (We’re not sure who those folks are, but we’ve heard they are out there!)

The perfect pairing? Wine Harlots say this is the ideal backyard barbecue wine, excellent for any grilled proteins. Otherwise, if you want a daring pairing, go with the Brix Chick recommendation of Garlic Pannacotta with Tomato Soup — yes, not only does it pair — it rocks the pairing and challenges those conceptions of “what works.”

Tuella Douro Trader Joes 4 copyright Nannette Eaton for WineHarlots

The music match is Aimee Mann’sThat’s Just What You Are” from the disc I’m With Stupid.

The details: 13.5% alcohol. Cork closure. Appellation: Douro. Grapes: touriga franca, tinta barroca and tinto cao. Vinter: Symington Family. Available exclusively at Trader Joe’s. Price: $7 ($6 in California and Arizona.)

Tuella Douro Trader Joes 5 copyright Nannette Eaton for WineHarlots
Photo credit: Nannette Eaton ©2016