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Halloween Candy Pairing

by Nannette Eaton on October 28, 2016

halloween-candy-pairing-tawny-port-fortified-wine-raisinetes-copyright-wineharlotsThe Wine Harlots Halloween ritual is booze, candy and a movie. (Which is our basic move every day of the year, too. Boring? No! Call us consistent.) Since the main caveat on dessert pairings is that the wine needs to be at least a sweet as the food. With candy, this eliminates most table wines from consideration. What really seems to pair well across the board with candy? Tawny. Whether you pick a Tawny port, or a fortified wine from around the world, Tawny rules. It paired really well with a Snickers bar, but ultimately, we chose a classic movie pairing, Raisinets. The milk chocolate and chewy raisins was a synergistic pairing. Tawny and Raisinets is what we’ll be enjoying with our double feature of girl-power Hocus Pocus and the always unsettling Halloween.

Photo credit: Nannette Eaton ©2016