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Glassed Over Wine Bottle Candles

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“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.” — William Shakespeare The Wine Harlots latest obsession is the Glassed Over Recycled Wine Bottle Candle. Glassed Over is a small two-man operation based in California and founded in 2010. The handmade candles are created from recycled wine […]

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I Love Champagne

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After the sparkle of the Champagne Day festivities, the Wine Harlot was deluged with requests on how to procure the cheeky t-shirt featured in the Wine Harlots #ChampagneDay photo montage. First trend-spotted on the cool wine kids in France this Spring, I’ve been coveting this post-modern Champagne slogan. The “Fuck No 5 I Love Champagne” t-shirt […]

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Mason Shaker W&P Cocktail Kit

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Bartender’s are often thought of therapists due to all the listening to customers they do behind the bar. And therapists are medical professionals, and doctors make house calls. So to the Wine Harlots way of thinking, bartender’s should make house calls. How do you like that logic? Our friends at Mason Shaker like that logic […]

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Timbuk2 Messenger with Beverage Insert

timbuk2 messenger bag with removal waterproof insulated chiller for beer and wine for beach or tailgating

Can I even begin to tell you how much I love my custom Timbuk2 messenger bag? I’ll begin to try, but it’s a lot of love. My friend and colleague Liza Swift of the Brix Chicks was heading off to Croatia to speak at the International Wine Tourism Conference, where there was a contest between […]

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Neighborwoods Cocktail Coasters

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“Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.” — Christian Morgenstern While Wine Harlots were doing work avoidance, and surfing around the Uncommon Goods website, we stumbled across these compelling coasters from Neighborwoods. Aymie Spitzer laser-etches the neighborhoods of your favorite city into wood cocktail coaster. They cost $30 USD for a […]

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Capabunga Wine Bottle Closure

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What do the Wine Harlots use to reseal wine bottle in the unlikely event that there is leftover wine? The cork it came with. Why? Not because it’s a great closure to reuse in the refrigerator, but because my meathead housemates consistently throw out any reusable closure. Seriously. I live with idiots. But you make […]

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Booze Shoes :: FlipSidez Flip Flop Sandals

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Wine Harlots love custom. I’m sure it’s a deep-seated pathological need based on having such an unusual name – there were no off-the-rack personalized pencils or bicycle license plates with my name on it growing up. Wine Harlots also love cool and quirky. Thus, I’m enamored over the FlipSidez flip flop sandals, where the sole […]

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Riedel for Graffigna: The Malbec Glass

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Wine Harlots love The Malbec Glass. Our inordinate love for glassware has earned us the title Imelda Marcos of Stemware. We may not be totally in the camp that every grape variety and every wine region requires it’s own special wine glass (who has the unlimited bank account or cupboard space?) but we dare say […]

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Barrelly Made It Wine Chair

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The Barrelly Made It Wine Chair ($985 USD) is perennially on the Wine Harlot wish-list for birthdays and holidays (how cute would a pair of these be on the back porch of my imaginary Wee House?) The Barrelly Made It chairs are made of of used wine barrels, and besides looking awesome, the artisan crafted wine […]

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Periodic TableWare Wine Glasses

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“Science does not know its debt to imagination.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson We all know that geeks are cool. Now you can drink like your favorite mad scientist. Marshall Jamshidi’s Periodic Tableware just completed a successful, fully-funded Kickstarter project for a line of drinking glassware inspired by laboratory beakers and flasks. The line has glasses for cocktail, […]

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