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Under a Jackson $20

GOVERRE Travel Wine Glasses: Redux

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UPDATE: 04/05/2015. The GOVERRE glasses are available for sale now. Click here to purchase from the GOVERRE website. In January, we brought you news of stylish glass spill-proof “to-go” wine tumblers created by my friends at GOVERRE, to be funded with a Kickstarter initiative. Unfortunately, the product didn’t meet it’s financing goal, and on Kickstarter, […]

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GOVERRE Travel Wine Glasses

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UPDATE: 04/05/2015 The GOVERRE glasses are available for sale now. Click here to purchase from the GOVERRE website. UPDATE: The initial Kickstarter campaign was not funded. On 03/31/14, GOVERRE revamped their budget and relaunched a brand-new Kickstarter funding initiative. Pre-order your own GOVERRE glasses now. “Any wine. Any time.” It’s the motto of GOVERRE, a new […]

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Drink Like a Pilgrim for Thanksgiving

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“The king and high priest of all the festivals was the autumn Thanksgiving. When the apples were all gathered and the cider was all made, and the yellow pumpkins were rolled in from many a hill in billows of gold, and the corn was husked, and the labors of the season were done, and the […]

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Join the Trouble

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“Trouble is my business.” – Raymond Chandler Trouble is the Wine Harlots middle name. (Yeah, it looks weird on the passport, but trouble is our birthright.) So when I heard the Troublemaker was coming to town, I brought out the A Game. (And lined up a couple of bail bondsmen. When you bring the A […]

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Meli Dry Riesling 2011

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“Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.” ― Mae West Maybe shocked is too strong a word, but surprised for sure. You expect rieslings from Germany or Austria or Alsace, but Chile? And for $13? The Meli Dry Riesling is surprising. And surprisingly delicious. It has notes of gasoline and peaches, and if you’re […]

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Calcu Rosé Reserva 2012

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“I’d love to have the whole place swimming in roses” ― James Joyce Wine Harlots would love to have the place swimming in rosés. Especially now, in the dog days of summer, with the sun beating down, the relentless heat and humidity, the sweat rolling down your back in such an attractive way, rosés cut through […]

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3CV Bank 2010

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“A night of exhilaration, of boredom and terror, in which the merest of sounds took on other forms – grew large in the expanse of darkness. After several hours the sheep gradually stopped calling to each other from across the river banks, and a brittle quiet descended. I desperately wanted to walk down to the […]

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Borra Vineyards Intuition 2012

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“This time I would choose to err on the side of illogic. I had to trust intuition, and plunge as I had never plunged before, with blind faith.” ― Dean Koontz Wine Harlots have a hunch you’ll enjoy Intuition. Borra Vineyards Intuition, that is. It’s a white blend of the unusual kerner grape as well as riesling […]

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Bocelli Prosecco Extra Dry

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“All that counts in life is intention.” — Andrea Bocelli Does a wine make you want to sing? Opera? It might if it’s Bocelli Prosecco Extra Dry produced by celebrated Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. The Bocelli Family has been producing wines for over 130 years. But stepping away from the famous name, the wine carries […]

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Château d’Aquéria Tavel Rosé 2011

Château d’Aquéria Tavel Rosé 2011 Chateau d'Aqueria Travel Rose

“You’re here!” Isabelle danced up to them in delight, carrying a glass of fuchsia liquid, which she thrust at Clary. “Have some of this!” Clary squinted at it. “Is it going to turn me into a rodent?” “Where is the trust? I think it’s strawberry juice,” Isabelle said. “Anyways, it’s yummy. Jace?” She offered him […]

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