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Under a Jefferson $2

#DrunkMartha Crafts:
Japanese Furoshiki Gift Wrap for Wine Bottles

Thumbnail image for #DrunkMartha Crafts:<BR />Japanese Furoshiki Gift Wrap for Wine Bottles

Want to zhuzh-up that wine bottle that you’re giving as a gift? The stylish way is to do a Furoshiki wrap on the bottle. Wine Harlots were going to do a how-to video, but our #DrunkMartha crafting coordination skills didn’t result in a useable project — it was funny as hell,  but the Head Harlot made […]

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Best Champagne Bottle Stopper

Thumbnail image for Best Champagne Bottle Stopper

“I’ll drink your champagne. I’ll drink every drop of it, I don’t care if it kills me.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald Even though the Wines Harlots motto is excess is best, even for us, sometimes we have have leftover Champagne at the end of the evening. Wasting wine is a sin in our book, but […]

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Hint Fizz Sparkling Water

Thumbnail image for Hint Fizz Sparkling Water

Wine Harlots can’t live on wine alone. We try. We try very hard, but it cannot be done. But in all seriousness, proper hydration is key when you drink booze for a living. Wine Harlots advise to drink a glass of water for each alcoholic beverage you ingest. Hint Water, the flavored water people, has […]

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Whole Food’s Three Wishes

photograph of cases of Three Wishes Vineyards wines in Whole Foods Encinitas, Three Wishes is the Whole Foods entry into the $2 two dollar wine niche.

“If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.” — Edgar Allan Poe “Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.” — Jack Welch We wish we could forget Three Wishes. Three Wishes is the Whole Foods […]

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Wine Harlots Favorite Things

A photograph of candy canes in a wine glass. Copyright EatonAlive 2010.

Wine Harlots can’t let Oprah and Julie Andrews corner the market on favorite things.  For our money, you can’t beat a basic candy cane to bring back warm holiday memories.  Wine Harlots wish you and yours a happy holiday season. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens Brown […]

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Put a Cork in It! – Part Thirteen: Call Me Names

name place holder made with recycled corks, a great cork craft art project

Wine Harlots drink a lot of wine, and have a dilemma.  Not about the wine consumption, but what to do with all the cork closures.  Join us while we find uses for the leftover corks.  C’mon!  How cute are these place card holders?  A perfect touch for your next wine dinner.  The wine cork place […]

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Charles Shaw

photograph of the lineup of Charles Shaw wines with the universal symbol of avoidance (red circle with a red slash running through it)

“Every time you drink an inferior bottle, it is as if you took a fine bottle and smashed it against a wall.  You can’t get that bottle back!” — Len Evans   So much for Wine Harlots doing shiny happy wine reviews.  We tried to be all cheerleader super-positive; but our inner-bitch won the battle […]

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