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Summer Sippers: Crios

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“I felt like summer had taken me over.” ― Junot Díaz It’s summer! And as the heat-ramps up, you don’t want to be fussing over what to eat and drink. That said, you want to have solid selections for your summer soirées. Wine Harlots love the Crios line from Dominio del Plata Susana Balbo. They […]

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King Rabbit Malbec 2012

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“Once in a while it happens that I vomit up a bunny.” ― Julio Cortázar Well, it does happen on occasion to the best of us. If you have a hare caught in your throat, Wine Harlots suggest washing it down with a bottle of King Rabbit Malbec. King Rabbit hails from France, and isn’t […]

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Calcu Rosé Reserva 2012

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“I’d love to have the whole place swimming in roses” ― James Joyce Wine Harlots would love to have the place swimming in rosés. Especially now, in the dog days of summer, with the sun beating down, the relentless heat and humidity, the sweat rolling down your back in such an attractive way, rosés cut through […]

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3CV Bank 2010

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“A night of exhilaration, of boredom and terror, in which the merest of sounds took on other forms – grew large in the expanse of darkness. After several hours the sheep gradually stopped calling to each other from across the river banks, and a brittle quiet descended. I desperately wanted to walk down to the […]

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Riedel for Graffigna: The Malbec Glass

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Wine Harlots love The Malbec Glass. Our inordinate love for glassware has earned us the title Imelda Marcos of Stemware. We may not be totally in the camp that every grape variety and every wine region requires it’s own special wine glass (who has the unlimited bank account or cupboard space?) but we dare say […]

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Murrieta’s Well The Whip & The Spur

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“Practically any Western has a homesteader in trouble, and a mysterious rider shows up off the range, solves the problem over two or three days, and then rides off into the sunset.” – Lee Child Are you feeling like John Wayne? Or Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? Needing a wine […]

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Concha y Toro Gran Reserva Serie Riberas Malbec 2011

color photo of a bottle of Concha y Toro Malbec with a glass full of the red wine with cork and corkscrew from Wines of Chile

“The solution to any problem, work, love, money, whatever, is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be.” – John Gierach In the workaday world nothing is more relaxing than envisioning a trip to Chile and exploring the country’s natural wonders. Fly fishing on the banks of Chile’s rivers, […]

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St. Supéry Élu 2007

bottle shot of Napa Valley's St Supery Elu red wine a meritage blend primarily of cabernet sauvignon. The label has a woman (or an angel) wrapped in a crimson red cloak.

“A man does not have to be an angel in order to be saint.” — Albert Schweitzer You don’t have to be an angel or a saint to enjoy the good works of St. Supéry Élu 2007. The color is a cloak of purple tipped in red with intoxicating aromas of blackberry which follow on […]

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Boxwood Estate Topiary Rosé 2010

photograph of Boxwood Winery's Topiary Rose 2010 with a background of a painting of a red hair woman looking longingly at the bottle

“The first man to compare the cheeks of a young woman to a rose was obviously a poet; the first to repeat it was possibly an idiot.”  —  Salvador Dali No idiots at Boxwood Estate (unless of course the Wine Harlots are in the house) but there’s poetry in every glass. The Boxwood Estate Topiary Rosé 2010 […]

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Ikal 1150 Malbec 2007

Ikal 1150 Malbec

“Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation.” — Benjamin Franklin Well, Mr. Franklin, the Wine Harlots must disagree. Our motto is excess is best, so indulging in fine cuisine and libations is our raison d’être. Drinking Ikal 1150 Malbec 2007 will elevate your experience. The color is dense purple ink. The flavors are deep cherry […]

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