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Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc Day

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The marketers and the social media have declared today #SauvBlanc day, and who are we, Wine Harlots, professional drinkers extraordinaire, to argue? Any day with a glass of wine in hand is a good day, in our opinion. Sauvignon blanc originated in France, but has packed it’s bags and traveled the world over to take […]

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Wente Louis Mel Sauvignon Blanc 2011

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“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” ― Robert Fripp Wine Harlots highly recommend the Wente Louis Mel Sauvignon Blanc as your summer porch wine. Priced at $13, it provides a lot of value for your money. The wine is crisp and bright with fresh limes and tropical fruit. The flavors aren’t cloying […]

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Pepi Wines

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 “For the first six months, all she wanted was honest labor, finely crafted novels, and surf.” — Eve Babitz Pepi Wines are for casual wine drinkers in casual situations. If you happen to be deeper on the path of your wine journey, Pepi is not the destination for you. I personally didn’t find there was […]

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Murrieta’s Well The Whip & The Spur

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“Practically any Western has a homesteader in trouble, and a mysterious rider shows up off the range, solves the problem over two or three days, and then rides off into the sunset.” – Lee Child Are you feeling like John Wayne? Or Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? Needing a wine […]

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Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc 2011

photograph of New Zealand's Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc with a glass of white wine in from of bamboo fronds and a bamboo screen

“All we need, really, is a change from a near frigid to a tropical attitude of mind.” — Marjory Stoneman Douglas Drinking the Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc will change your attitude to a tropical mindset. It’s a refreshing glass with flavors or limes and grapefruit with bracing acidity. It’s still has the same qualities as the […]

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Steven Kent Winery LOLA 2011

photograph of the rock star wine from Livermore California Steven Kent WIneries Lola white wine blend

“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald (This Side of Paradise) Lola. L-O-L-A. lo-lo-lo-lo Lola. C’mon sing it. I can hear you right now. Lola. L-O-L-A. lo-lo-lo-lo Lola. Lola is arguably the best rock song ever created, Lola was released by the seminal band The Kinks in 1970 on the […]

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Château Ballan-Larquette Bordeaux Blanc 2011

photograph of Chateau Ballan Bordeaux Blanc with a wine glass of the golden yellow French white wine

“We must leave this terrifying place tomorrow and go searching for sunshine.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald Wine. Terrifying? For the general public, it can be. So many, brands, so many labels, so many rules, rituals and misconceptions. Like the myth that “Bordeaux wines are super-expensive.” Sure, they’re a few grand crus that are prohibitively expensive, but […]

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Sauvignon Blanc: Tale of Two Countries

photograph of two bottles of white wine in front of a cord board backdrop with bottles of Baron de Rothschild Lafite Reserve White Bordeaux Los Vasocs Suavgnon Blanc and Los Vascos Sauvginon Blanc

 “You looked like the sun I was the only one Who could stare until you were done shining on me And as we drank our wine and let the world fade away The sunrise tried to end it while we tried to stay” Joshua Radin Sauvignon blanc says summer like no other wine. Lemony and […]

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Villa Maria Cellar Selection Sauvignon Blancs

wine bottle shot of New Zealand's Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc

“You must have been warned against letting the golden hours slip by; but some of them are golden only because we let them slip by.” — James M. Barrie Wine Harlots are big fans of leisure. You might say we’ve built an entire brand around lounging – or would that be sideways? Enough about us. […]

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Flora :: Evelyn De Morgan

Flora by Evelyn De Morgan oil painting a of flaxen-haired woman in a floral long dress in a sunny garden of spring flowers

painting Flora by Evelyn De Morgan (1894) oil on canvas in the permanent collection of the De Morgan Centre, London, England

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