Sundays in Venice Cocktail

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Nothing is better than relaxing on a Sunday, with a newspaper and a cocktail on a table-side cafe and watching the world go by. Unless, of course, the cafe is in Venice.  Mason Shaker mixes up a twist on the classic bellini, swapping the traditional peach nectar for fresh pears. Photo credit: Joshua Williams ©2013

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Golden Globes® Moët Golden Night Cocktail

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This Sunday marks the 71th Golden Globes® awards by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and will be broadcast on NBC. The Golden Globes are the Wine Harlots favorite awards show, because the Champagne starts flowing, and Hollywood under the influence is a sight to see. Last year, hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler created the […]

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Champagne Twitter Chat with Evite and BevMo!

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Nothing says “holidays” to the Wine Harlots like sparkling wine. Opening a bottle of bubbles is an instant party, whether it’s a fancy soiree with caviar and foie gras, or a casual gathering with pizza, sparkling wine sets the right festive tone. Evite and BevMo! are hosting a Twitter Chat this Thursday, December 19th at […]

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Tomorrow is #ChampagneDay, a global social media event to promote and celebrate the magnificence that is Champagne. Spearheaded in the USA by the Champagne Bureau, a lobbying group who’s mission is to convey the message that Champagne only comes from Champagne, France. While other sparkling wines can be delicious, The Champagne Bureau and Wine Origins […]

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The Bellini

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The mimosa is a brunch staple, but for the Wine Harlots, we think mimosa’s suck. Too acidic, and quite frankly, a waste of sparkling wine. But Bellini’s are a whole different story. The Bellini was created by Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of the legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy, and the drink was popularized by Ernest Hemingway (but […]

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Montauk Mule Cocktail

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If you live in a beach town, as I do, you breathe a sign of relief when September arrives and the Summer People abandon the beaches and return to their urban lives leaving the sand and the surf to the natives. The Mason Shaker Montauk Mule made with prosecco is a wonderful cocktail to sip while […]

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Bocelli Prosecco Extra Dry

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“All that counts in life is intention.” — Andrea Bocelli Does a wine make you want to sing? Opera? It might if it’s Bocelli Prosecco Extra Dry produced by celebrated Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. The Bocelli Family has been producing wines for over 130 years. But stepping away from the famous name, the wine carries […]

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Champagne A.R. Lenoble Brut Intense

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“Intense love does not measure, it just gives.” — Mother Teresa Wine Harlots have intense love for Champagne A.R. Lenoble Brut Intense. This sparkler is lovely with notes of apple, pear and a hint of nectarine with a toasty finish. What to pair with Champagne? Bubbles work with most anything in the Wine Harlots opinion, so […]

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Champagne Lanson Rose Label Brut Rosé

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“I’m not going to be caught around here for any fool celebration. To hell with birthdays!” — Norman Rockwell Whether you hate birthday celebrations, like Norman Rockwell, or feel like The Wine Harlot that the entire month month of August should be dedicated in tribute, Champagne is the ultimate birthday quaff. Champagne Lanson Rose Label […]

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Kramer Vineyards Sparkling Brut 2010

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“(Kr)america wants its respect.” — Tupac Shakur Kramer Vineyards gets mad respect from the Wine Harlots. Kramer Vineyards, a boutique winery in bucolic Gaston, Oregon, Kramer is commemorating 30 years of winemaking this year. And what better way to celebrate than with a couple bottles of Kramer Vineyards Sparkling Brut 2010. The wine is utterly […]

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